30 October 2006

On to the Paris...

And so, another transfer. It's okay, I wasn't having fun at Bishop Gorman anyway. We have to remodel 600 rooms in six weeks. It's fast paced, but theres not a lot to do actually...cut into the walls, add some things, move some things. It actually takes longer for the hotel guys to remove the furniture than anything else. But, there's a crêperie and boulangerie downstairs, yay! I'd eat there every day for lunch but it's expensive...about $10 a person. ($7 per crêpe, $8 per sandwich, $2 for Orangina.) Blessedly, theres crêpes sallees, which are my fave, and the baguettes for the sandwiches import the flour from France so it has the right texture, so...maybe once a week? not sure yet. At very least they sell baguettes singularly for about $3 apiece so maybe I can take one home for dinner one of these nights.

My journeyman never had a crêpe so I took him down Tuesday and he was impressed. He thinks of them as French burritos. And I'm like...well, kinda, I guess. The only thing that irritates me is all the guys keep correcting how I pronouce "crêpe" and say it should be "crape", not "crep". When I do say it right, they misunderstand and think I'm saying "crap". I just refuse to purposely mispronounce it. Tannah says I'm a language snob. Yeah well, there's worse things to be in life.

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sparklypixie said...

i love that you think 10 dollars is expensive. pretty normal fare for most places in the country!