08 October 2006

Captain Jack took us on a 3-hour tour!

...On the "Desert Princess", all around Lake Mead. It was awesome. Beautiful, but sad because how the drought has lowered the water levels so. (But no seriously, he was named Captain Jack, and the tour was three hours long.)

See, usually Tannah's company hosts a Labour Day party but for some reason it just didn't happen this year, I'm not sure why. So the owner booked this cool dual-level paddleboat deal, like the Mark Twain at Disneyland, but it was catered, with drinks and we saw the Hoover Dam and boat races and all. I'm severely prone to motion sickness so I had to get Dramamine beforehand, all the while wishing I had access to Vogalib. Why is it still not approved, FDA-nazis??

I also got to meet Mada's girlfriend. She seems really outgoing and more real-life than most other girls I meet casually. I'm not sure how long they've been together (a week? something) and still she wasn't obnoxiously shy or anything. It was kinda cool. also, she needed Dramamine too, so I didn't feel so lame.

At the end, after taking tons of pics, eating surprisingly good food, and enjoying the still-warm weather, we docked and ready for us were souvenir photos...I mean a whole lot of them, including a magnet one. Usually Tannah and I don't buy into that but we were like, "What the hell?" So yay, we have Lake Mead pics.

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