29 October 2006

Logan needs a hobby.

Logan is really kind of flighty. He hates that term, because he thinks it should be reserved for women. A sexist term, apparently. But really, he needs somethign to ground him, something to occupy his mind because he's so...not-okay half the time. Mal is similar but he's found something to occupy his time. Maybe it's not healthy but it works for him. Logan is inhibited in alot of things, and he's got this insane need to project a perfect image of himself to everyone. So I talked to him about it, suggested maybe he get online and join a group or something; something that makes it so he doesn't have to be real sociable. And he refused. Not so much on the grounds that he has to actually make an effort at something to help himself but that he doubts he can relate to these people and vice versa. And I was like, well, get to know them and they'll relate. I brought up the (very) few friends he opens up to, and said that basically in the beginning I doubt they were really able to relate either. But they found similarities and latched onto that. And also, people can be empathetic and just listen without being able to completely understand. Sometimes I think Logan likes destroying himself.

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