20 October 2006

My brother-in-law has cancer.

My 27 year old brother-in-law, Jake, was just diagnosed with cancer of the right tonsil, and they found cancerous lumps near the lymph nodes of that side. He needs the swelling to go down so they can operate, as he doesn't need chemotherapy at this point, but the swelling is also affecting his breathing.

Everyone's trying to be strong about it, my sister just had agressive cervical cancer less than 5 years ago and she's in remission but it's still very scary. They have 2 small children and not to say that that means anything more but...still. I don't know, cancer is so common and they are so so close to a cure, it dismays me to see how slow research is going. Is it lack of funding? Lack of interest? I wish I understood. Right now I guess my sister and her family will have to pull together (with our help) until they get a definite date for the surgery and that. In the meantime though, it's got to be agonizing.

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