04 October 2006

Rumours at the Rock?

So I get a call from an apprentice. Apparently, an assistant director of the JATC was out at Red Rock interrogating people about the report I made, including one of my former journeymen, who asked that apprentice to call me. And I was like, okay, that's fine, but I asked specifically that it only be documented, nothing more. Then a rumour that I was no-call, no-show at Red Rock for Saturday and Monday. Well, of course, except that I that I got transferred. I even signed in for the tailgate safety meeting for Monday at the new jobsite, so the the hell? It's obvious I was at a different jobsite so I know I'm not in any kind of trouble. This whole thing is ridiculous.

Oh yeah, and another 88% on an exam. What's up with these mid-C's? I'm getting annoyed.

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