01 November 2006

Dodging Hallowe'en!

It's become a new sport. Hallowe'en was fine, actually...we went to the Paris for dinner and wandered for an hour, then we hurried home and hid inside and the way our doorbell is, the chime is in the hallway, so we can't hear it in the living room if the TV is on. Plus, theres a gate, so no one can knock...just the bell. :-) And of course we had our signature "Sorry, no candy" sign in like 15 languages, just so everyone is covered and there's no excuse to people not understanding. Granted, there migth be a Hmong kid and I didn't cover his language but the chances are slim. So we were able to ignore everything.
My parents are seeing the un-Christianlike aspects of Hallowe'en (history, etc.) and think this year will be my little sister's last one. Tannah's brother also finally understands why me & Tannah dont do it. (Not just memories but...the other reasons.) It's nice to be understood. Tannah's dad kinda thinks if we raise a child without Hallowe'en the kid will be deprived and made fun of and I'm like, I never did Hallowe'en (in the commercial sense) and I turned out just fine. But that's okay...wait til he finds out we aren't going to do Santa, either, hehe.

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