02 October 2006

New everything.

New tools, new jobsite, new crew, new foreman. Yeah. I hate starting a new job, I never really know where to go, where to park, the rules per foreman are always different. Some foremen like serious, some like a joke, some are laid back and some just can't be pleased.

Turns out, from what I can tell, that this crew and foreman seem okay, somewhat laid back, but after all the shit at Red Rock I'm playing it safe. I won't take a chance. Right now I'm running some conduit for security cameras but I'm told I'll be doing underground in a few days. I've done underground before, at the Wynn, but it's been awhile, I wish I had more conduit experience but...ah well. I might spend some time at the JATC in the pipe lab to get some time in on that.

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