31 May 2006

Gotta get a drink of water, hold on.

Ah. Now that's we've got that accomplished...

Today was my last day of 3rd year. Nothing spectacular but I knew that going in. A few of us got something for James since he's helped us out so much...I wish more apprentices would have gone in on something for him, he gave us alot of his time. It's too bad so few appreciated what exactly he's given us this past year.

I have a few procedures tomorrow: an ultrasound of the aorta, a CT scan of the abdomen and a stress test. I was going to cancel them because I didn't want to take the time off, and the chest pains have become infrequent but the past three days I've had almost complete numbness in part of my left hand and two fingers. Plus, those ever-familiar "cold flashes" in my legs. I hope everything works out but I'd really like to know what's going on, too.

Es tiempo para dormir, pero no quiero que hacer algo más, creo. Estoy cansada pero hay también muchos pensamientos en mi mente. Cambiaré quizá mi perfil en MySpace... mi papi dice siempre que los colores son difíciles de leer. Y él lo sabría... él es un especialista en computadoras. Ay, no sé. Hay justo demasiado, Adentro. Es lo mismo que antes, pero ahora no tengo el lujo de olvidar. Tengo que funcionar y saben eso. Deseo que el Comandante del Batallón me dejaría sola...yo sé que él tiene gusto de ayudar y me dijo que es su deber a ayudar pero ahora, él no está ayudando. Él está actuando solamente como un pendejo.

28 May 2006


I know of only a few people who will either understand this joke or have the patience to get it translated, but it's hilarious and has a linguistic geekiness I couldn't resist...

Le français langue officielle européenne Bruxelles, 8 déc. (AFP) - La Commission Européenne a finalement tranché: après la monnaie unique, l'Union Européenne va se doter d'une langue unique, à savoir... le français.
Trois langues étaient en compétition : le français (parlé dans le plus grand nombre de pays de l'Union), l'allemand (parlé par le plus grand nombre d'habitants de l'Union) et l'anglais (langue internationale par excellence).
L'anglais a vite été éliminé, pour deux raisons : d'une part, il aurait été le cheval de Troie économique des Etats-Unis ; d'autre part les Britanniques auraient été privilégiés, eux dont l'influence est aujourd'hui limitée au profit du couple franco-allemand à cause de leur réticence légendaire à s'impliquer dans la construction européenne.
Le choix a fait l'objet d'un compromis, les Allemands ayant obtenu que l'orthographe du français, particulièrement délicate à maîtriser, soit réformée, dans le cadre d'un plan de cinq ans, afin d'aboutir à l'eurofrançais.
1. La première année, les sons actuellement distribués entre 's', 'z', 'c', 'k' et 'q' seront répartis entre 'z' et 'k', ze ki permettra de zupprimer beaukoup de la konfuzion aktuelle.
2. La deuzième année, on remplazera le 'ph' par 'f', ze ki aura pour effet de rakourzir un mot komme 'fotograf' de kelke vingt pour zent.
3. La troizième année, des modifikazions plus draztikes seront pozzibles, notamment ne plus redoubler les lettres ki l'étaient ; touz ont auzi admis le prinzip de la zuprezion des 'e' muets, zourz éternel de konfuzion, en efet, tou kom d'autr letr muet.
4. La katrièm ané, les gens zeront devenu rézeptif à dé changements majeurs, tel ke remplazé 'g', zoi par 'ch',- avek le 'j' - zoi par 'k', zelon les ka, ze ki zimplifira davantach l'ékritur de touz.
5. Duran la zinkièm ané, le 'b' zera remplazé par le 'p' et le 'v' zera lui auzi apandoné - au profi du 'f', éfidamen on kagnera ainzi pluzieur touch zur no klafié.
Un foi ze plan de zink an achefé, l'ortograf zera defenu lochik, et lé chen pouron ze komprendr et komuniké.
Chalu !

(Found on www.phrasebase.com)

Getting smashed...

James joked with me that he and I should get smashed one night as a treat for me passing the year. Getting smashed sounds good. Preferably with Grey Goose or Hpnotiq. Tannah says Hpnotiq tastes like mouthwash but I could be happy being fed with it intravenously.

I'm not having a bad day. I think I'm just fatigued. Friday was supposed to be "noon or sooner" but our crew (temp power) had to stay behind to disconnect the flyers on the tower. I seriously almost fell asleep a few times. I'm just always tired. I'm glad school is finally out, I passed the 3rd year....I got a 91% on my final which pisses me off really. One question, I got the code section right but forgot to answer the question. I couldn't believe it.

Je suis si fâchée. Je suis frustrée et je veux pleurer, je veux saigner...je ne sais pas pourquoi. Logan a changé et il est presque fou. Je n'aime pas des choses qu'il a dit. Lui et certaines des autres rendent des choses très difficiles pour moi. Mon esprit est comme le brouillard.

19 May 2006

I can't believe this!

I really fell out of blogging of late. I have good excuses, really.

First and foremost, my sister's baby, Radek, was born on my brother's 22nd birthday. Radek had some liver issues at birth but those seem to have diminished for now. I'm just overjoyed that everyone's healthy and at home and doing well. Secondly, we're moved into our house...rather, we're moved out of our apartment...I can't very well lie and say we're moved in as we have yet to unpack a single box. But that will come. We've gone back to 40 hours a week so I think it'll be a little easier to exist. Also, I just had my semester exam a few days ago and I think I did pretty well. My final exam is this coming Wednesday and James gave us an excellent review so the chances of me advancing to 4th year are pretty damn good.

More news, more news....

Our union contract was renewed. Some tools were added to the tool list and some removed. I'm totally for the additions of a Mag-lite and a tic-tracer. I've had those anyway, as I don't like sacrificing safety. So now it's just official. And we also ratified a hell of a pay increase...we haven't gotten a real pay increase in years, it's been allocated to pensions or to the health and welfare fund instead, so I'm stoked about that.

Mother's Day was about the shittiest day in recent memory. I don't even want to go into it. My mom called me a few days prior as I fretted how to handle it and suggested that since it was going to be difficult for me, that we could go to tea or something in July maybe, when I'm out of school. And Tannah's dad sent me a thoughtful Mother's Day e-mail...no one else mentioned it. I guess no one else knew what to say. I feel sorry for Tannah...both Father's Day and his birthday fall right in with each other and he wants to avoid both of them completely. I have a feeling he won't, to appear somewhat "normal" to his family, but it's going to be hard for him, I'm certain.

J'ai des pensées très intenses de me blesser. Je vois des lames, et le sang. Mais, si je me coupe, Dieu saura, et aussi, il aurait blessé Gabriel, s'il étaient vivant. Mes cicatrices, mes autres, mes secrets, je les déteste tous. Je souhaite que je n'aie pas dû feindre. Je veux être libre, je veux dire à chacun la vérité. Parfois je me sens vide et morte. Excepté être mort ne blesse pas ceci mal. :-( Je n'ai pas même l'énergie à penser en français...

05 May 2006

Medical games.

Got alot accomplished today. I went to see my new primary care physician, Dr. Charniga, and she seemed to be adequately concerned and therefore ordered plenty of labs and some procedures. I was in her office for about an hour, finding out everything they wanted to do, like a stress test and also they want to put me on a holter monitor. As for labs they seem to be the regular work-up type. When I got my labs done, Dr. Iriye called in one to check for ACE polymorphism...I haven't found much info on that yet. I spent forever at the lab today. And next Monday I'm to go back to see Dr. Charniga and my new gyno, Dr. Kartzinel who is supposed to be pretty good. I got tired of Dr. Liu's office never returning my calls.

We went to see our house again today and to walk through with the previous owners. We did our official walk-through already but this was an informal one and it went smoothly. This whole thing has been a joy, really, and relatively stress-free as far as buying a home goes.

And yeah...Logan is being really difficult. He's like that sometimes: moody and arrogant. He said alot of seriously rude things to me in what he calls an "altercation" but it was really more like a verbal assault. Completely one-sided. He just has these unrealistic, grandiose ideas about what life should be and it won't work. It fell apart then, and it certainly isn't going to fly now. I wish he would just quit living in his little world of denial and accept it.

I might write more later, haven't decided...

04 May 2006

So busy lately....alot to catch up on!

Okay, let's see:

First, I think I wrote in here that I've been dealing with some chest pains...nothing I was too worried about but I was pretty sure were caused by going off my clotting meds. On Tuesday the pain got really bad and it radiated from my chest to my back, down my arms, up to my neck and jaw, plus I was numb and tingly in my arms and legs...it was creepy. So to be safe I went to UMC Urgent Care, and after hearing my medical history sent me straight to the ER.

It was a total joke. After waiting for 4 hours for a bed, I was basically told my the emergency physician that because I was so young, they weren't going to admit me. Nice thing to say before running tests. He said that with my symptoms and history and I were 80, it would be one thing...but at 27, I'm just not at risk. I told him about my clotting problems and he said he had never heard of anyone developing clots inside organs, and doubted they were real clots. So he took some blood, ordered a CT scan of the chest (to make sure it wasn't asthma...I know what an asthma attack feels like, I'm not stupid) and when it came back okay he discharged me. It really felt like he was going through the motions and not really taking me seriously. It's extremely irritating. So I missed a day of work Wednesday, and I'm about to miss one tomorrow because I'm following up with a primary care physician and getting some labs drawn. I'm just lucky that my foreman and superintendent are patient and understanding.

On a very good note, we signed the papers to our own piece of real estate....we're homeowners now. It's been absolutely painless so far. We have to finish packing and all, and actually do the moving next weekend. It'll be hectic because the weeks we're going to be resituating are the weeks of my semester and final exams, and I'm worried I won't get alot of quality study time. We have to put in landscaping, and Tannah is pretty badly wanting to change the sliding glass door into French doors, and we have to put together a garden...Aunt Debbie has an herb garden in her backyard in France and once Tannah saw that he decided then that he would have one too, once we got a house. Anyway, there's a lot to be done but it'll be worth it.

Oh...and the Wranglers are out of the Kelly Cup Playoffs. But it's only because the Aces cheat.