25 April 2009

Photos from work.

The job I'm on is completely fucked. The following pics are not the reasons; they're the results.

Sexxxy dance!
He asked that I don't reveal his identity, and that's why I used the neck-down approach. Basically I was treated to a homoerotic pole dance, without the pole.

Skillz yo!
My apprentice Sam put his hoisting and rigging skills to good use; our Gatorades made it to the roof safely.

14 April 2009


Earlier today I attended the dedication ceremony of the new wind turbine at the Electrical JATC, the same from which I graduated nearly a year ago. It kinda transforms that apprenticeship hall into a renewables hub, what with the four solar arrays that were installed a few years ago as well. Senator Harry Reid was present, and tons of journalists. I was massively underdressed, since I came straight from work, but it was (gratefully) overlooked.

Wind power isn't my deal, I'm a dedicated solar whore, but it was still cool. In fact, our JATC's wind turbine was the first wind system in the state of Nevada to receive a rebate from NV Energy under their WindGenerations program; that makes it a little extra awesome.

I'll try to get a photo up soon...it's just your run-of-the-mill SkyStream turbine but to me it's exciting. :)

11 April 2009

Good day.

Well, I still have a job, for now. It's a good thing. Lion King has started rehearsals amd the performers are in and out of the theatre. We just try to make ourselves scarce. Either way, it's a paycheck.

I get to help mount a solar array tomorrow--yes, I'm aware it's Easter. We'll start with mounting the Unirac system and I'd really like to get some modules up, as well. The job might carry into next week but if the bulk of it's done tomorrow, then that gives me time before class starts up again. There's only a week or two we (as instructors) have between classes. Three days a week, for five hours each time, for 6-7 weeks is hard on anybody.

Since I'm attending ASES in Buffalo this year, I'll be out of town on Mother's Day. I worked it out with my mom and we did Mother's Day today. It was really nice: no drama, totally relaxing. We went to the International Market and really, I love it there. Not only food from all areas of the planet but dishes, furniture, clothing. I can literally spend hours there. (And today, we did.)

So a lovely relaxing day...I miss those. I don't forget, however, that life is good nonetheless. Amazing, sometimes.

03 April 2009

A little help from my iPhone...

So yeah. I've been über-busy lately. Aside from working my regular job (which, right now, is at the new Lion King Theatre at Mandalay Bay), I've started teaching classes in photovoltaics. A little extra cash helps in a time where work in construction has pretty much dried up completely for now. But also, I'm rarely home; there's no access to computers on my jobsite and although the JATC has computer access, it's restricted and honestly, I couldn't teach and blog at the same time anyway.

Enter the iPhone.

I downloaded an app called "iBlogger" which supposedly will let me blog via my iPhone...this is the test post and if it works, I'll be far more regular at posting again. The posts will likely be shorter, since I can really only type with one finger on this thing, but now the newest iPhone update allows a copy and paste function so...

Basically, I'm hoping this works so I can get back into blogging. I've seriously missed it.

Here goes nothing!