18 October 2006


I wanted to get disability insurance, in case I hurt myself on the job or in case I had a serious stroke. Because every day my clotting issues/side effects seem to be getting more complicated. I'm seeing or calling one of my doctors at least every week. Scary but at the same time I'm so used to it I don't even care. I bought life insurance. Meh.


My disability insurance broker called his underwriter, who called over 40 (FORTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) insurance companies. I'm "uninsurable". They don't want the liability. They said the likelihood of me passing out and dying somewhere was too high, and strokes and heart attacks are just too commonplace with this disease. I said well then write the disease out, just write it for workplace accidents. And they said no, because the insurance people ran my medical history and a red flag came up so that if I did have a workplace injury, they would just blame it on the disease ("Oh, she cut her finger off because she must have had a small stroke") and wouldn't insure me. WTF.

So I talked to doctors and people diagnosed and all kinds of crap, and they all said a good percentage of people diagnosed with this, about 7-10 years after diagnosis it gets so bad they cant even work anymore. They just go in the hospital like every month for constant strokes and blood clots. And I dont want that so I'm like fuck that, whatever.

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