05 October 2006

Awesome day in a nutshell.

So I spent all day playing in mud (actual mud, like wet silty-dirt-sand, not concrete), got PVC glue stuck in my hair, lost my cheater tape measure, the dog pissed on the floor because she was too afraid to go out while it was raining, and my doctor is some kind of sadist--joke; he's a great guy-- and tricked me into paying him money to stick me with needles while shocking me with low voltage. (There's a name for the "diagnostic test" he performed, it's a nerve conductivity test of some kind, but needle-sticking with low-level electric shock is essentially what it was.) But that's okay; tomorrow's Friday. Anybody else have a "fun" day?

I know these last half-dozen or so of my entries have been so short, and almost exclusively in English...just time has been a real issue. hope to get back into things shortly...

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