14 October 2006


So, my father-in-law and I finally (after many months of planning) saw the Bodies exhibit at the Tropicana. Having a background in both healthcare and deathcare fields I found it fascinating. The exhibit was broken up into rooms: muscular, digestive tract, reproductive organs, the brain, skin, pulmonary, circulatory and onward...even a embryonic/fetal growth room. We debated whether or not to go in there but I'm glad I did. I looked for Gabriel's age and I was happy to see the doc was right. He was large for his gestational age. Somehow that made me feel better. It also gave a lot of facts, like the baby has brain waves at 40 days...to me, proving life at that point, at very least.

The circulatory room was my favourite. I loved looking at all the blood vessels, and they had been specially dyed to differentiate between veins and arteries. There was an entire body set up, no skin or bones or organs or anything, just blood vessels. It was so awesome. I really can't describe it, it's got to be seen.

The only thing that struck me was something I learned when working in the mortuary: human skin looks like chicken. And I swear, after this exhibit, I won't be able to eat chicken for a month. But all in all it was great, I might even see it again.

...and we're watching Kelsrin, too. Perfect ending!

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