23 October 2006

Happy news.

I know, for once!

Tannah's mom just came back from Korea...she'd been gone almost 2 months and of course we're happy she's back, but she brought gifts, too! She brought me, Tannah and Mada hanbok, or Korean traditional clothing. Tannah and Mada had matching hanbok, the pants, shirt and jacket, and I got a women's hanbok...it's so awesome. The dress part is plum coloured, in a way, and the jacket is white, with an embroidered ribbon to fasten it. I can't tie a Korean knot but I'm told I'll learn. I love it so much because, not only are hanbok very expensive, but I love very cultural things, and to be so accepted into the Korean aspect of Tannah's family, being allowed to wear a traditional hanbok, it's an honour. Very very happy!!

She also bought us dried squid, and some traditional-style vases we put on the Korean furniture. She looked radiant and happy. It must be refereshing to return to one's home culture and feel at peace with oneself, in that sense, after so long.

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