30 March 2007

Good day at work.

The Nevada Gaming Comission didn't like that our gangbox was in the same room as their equipment that monitors the slot machines, so our crew moved up to floor 2.5 from the basement. It's okay, I guess; it's about ten feet from my contractor's field office, so the owner and superintendent, and a gaggle of general foremen and foremen are always about. Plus, the room is locked so we have to get with our foreman every time we need material. But that's fine...I don't let petty issues or drama rule my life. It wastes so much energy to get worked up over bullshit. And really, that's all it ever is: bullshit.

I learned alot. Mike's dad used to be in the Navy, so Mike knows a ton of knots and hitches. I learned a few; my faves being the zipper hitch and the half-hitch. There's a really pretty one that looks like a flower that aids in horse-riding but I can't remember what it's called. (Yeah, I know: pretty hitch. I'm a girl, deal with it.) I also learned the MC colour codes, and not just that red is for fire alarm. I learned the striped ones too. A little more about that damn elusive switch-loop but it's still confusing, which irritates me to no end. I figure a few months from now I'll look back and it'll be so simple, and I won't understand how it was difficult for me to grasp.

Guy, who taught my photovoltaic classes last summer is a general foreman for the Palazzo Tower at Venetian, and he says there's a new PV book out and I definitely want a copy. He says he'll hook me up. I can't wait. Aside from being extremely knowledgable, he's just an all-around nice guy. And speaking of Palazzo, watch for that tower (under construction, of course) in Ocean's 13, likely under a different name. I love insider goodies like that, in films. It makes it fun.

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