18 March 2007

Much busy-ness.

Not to be confused with business, of course.

So much that's been going on. Class was a blast, as always...it's coming close to the end of the year so we're all kind of restless. No one wants to watch safety films or do labs or anything. (I can't believe I only have a year left of my apprenticeship. It scares the holy you-know out of me.) And while I was in class, Tannah's dad had a graduation: he got a degree in medical coding and billing. His talents for detail will be well-used.

In a moment of sponteneous glory, Tannah and I actually went out on a week night. On a Thursday. A few guys from class and I got together and were originally going to hold study group but too many had to go early; therefore, we rescheduled it to 19h30, from now on. A late night, sure, but it gives everyone time to go home, shower, get something to eat...all that. So anyway, since last week's ended early, Tannah and I met with Sandra, a girl from my class. She's a lot of fun. We had a few drinks and she got pretty toasted but then again, I've had my moments too. (Flashback to my drunk moment at the Oyster Bar......)

Let's see. Friday we had extended family over as a celebratory deal for Tannah's dad. Salad, Mediterranean veggie chips, Irish beans, and hamburgers. It was good. I was tired, from Thursday still, and there was an issue between two friends that kind of sucked regally, but you know I can't deal with everything. They're both adults. And honestly, one of them was being childish and emotional in a dangerous way. I won't touch that.

Mexican swap meet, St. Paddy's food, Mudslides and White Russians, trying to coordinate Corey's schedule to mesh with mine...all in all, a very eventful weekend.

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