03 March 2007

"Preachy Keen: Pulpit Fiction"

Here it is, it'll be published in the Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ) on Monday. A recap:

Corey Levitan is a columnist for the RJ, and writes a weekly column called "Fear and Loafing in Las Vegas". Every week he takes suggestions for a "job" to do for one day...he's been a nude model, a bathroom attendant at a gay bar, a light-bulb changer at the Fremont Street Experience, a construction worker, and the list goes on. And on.

When someone suggested he be a minister, he wrote to over 300 churches of various denominations, and only received one response back, that being from Community Lutheran Church. (The church my parents, youngest sister, Tannah and I attend.) He only did the early Sunday service, and my parents and sister had gone to the Saturday night service, but Nathan and I saw him there, and although it was a few weeks ago, the story and video were just posted on the site today.

I think it's awesome that, even as a non-Christian, he could do this with such an open mind...he was very professional, and I'm not certain many other people could do it. Either their own beliefs would get in the way, or pride, or disdain for other beliefs. I just think it's refreshing. And what an awesome way to get the word out on the street!

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