12 March 2007

I got saluted....rock on.

Sunday I wore my D.A.R.E. shirt from way back in 5th grade. You know, "DARE to keep kids off drugs" and all. (Yes, that's really 18 years ago, and yes, it still fits.) So anyway, Tannah and I were out and this boy, probably around age 10 or so, stops, smiles and gives a very stiff and proud salute to me. At first I just smiled; I had no idea who he was grinning at--or saluting to--but his dad (or at least an older male that could have been his dad) gave him a questioning look and the boy pointed at me, at my shirt. The dad or whomever looked at me and nodded.

I've never been saluted, and I don't even think I deserve it. But it was totally cool nonetheless...even though D.A.R.E. didn't really work for anyone I know who participated. But that's an aside.

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