22 March 2007

Trying to better myself.

So, earlier in the year I decided to start eating healthy: more fresh fruits and veggies, more organic and whole foods, replace red meat with poultry and fish, and replace regular soda with diet. (I swear to you, Coke Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper are spot on.) Less sugar altogether, less carbs...not completely avoiding them, but just cutting down. And tons of salad! Aunt Debbie has a killer salad I tried in France, and it gave me ideas in making "exciting" salads: not just lettuce, carrot and celery. But arrugula, spinach, berries, apple slices, grape tomatoes, chrysanthemum petals, red wine vinegarette...it's awesome, and much healthier than traditional American chef's salad.

Tannah and I also started going to the gym pretty regularly. At least four times weekly. It's not exactly fun right now, but I know it's good for my body, and I'm far more awake during the day. I just feel good. Sure, I'm in a physically demading trade, for the most part, but it comes in cycles: for 3 months I might be digging trenches or pulling 500 or 750 wire, but then for 3 months I might be kneeling all day, making up boxes. Nothing is consistant.

I'm hoping I'll be in better shape and much healthier by summertime. It's only a few months away, but I think that's a decent goal. I just feel a driving need to transform myself. I don't know where it's coming from but I'm following it nonetheless.

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