01 April 2007

Poisson d'Avril and the best prank ever!

Tenno called up Mada earlier and said excitedly into the phone, "Hey did you hear? The Luxor's on fire!" Now honestly, Vegas has had a few really brutal brush fires in the recent past, including one that nearly destroyed Shenandoah (Wayne Newton's estate). And there were some high-profile casino fires too; one at the Stratosphere during construction, and one at the MGM Grand that killed over 80 people and injured nearly 700 in November of 1980. So it wasn't entirely unbelievable.

Anyway, Mada seemed both amazed and confused, so Tenno went on to explain that the huge million watt lamp at the top of the pyramid had burst and the fire was contained to the tip of the structure, but the entire Strip was engulfed in thick smoke. However, he went on to elaborate that the glow from the flames could be seen from space, as was reported by Russian cosmonauts, and that made Mada check the news stations. When he told Tenno nothing was being broadcast about it locally, Tenno told him it was being broadcast nationally only, as the local authorities feared tourist panic. Tannah and I could scarcely hold our hysterics as Tenno insisted that Mada watch CNN for the latest developments.

Completely aside, but somewhat along the same lines, I logged onto my laptop and my home page is Yahoo! France...partially because I have a .fr email account so that's where I log in. Anyway, the news section was full of crazy news stories, like the French presidential election being postponed indefinitely. I clicked on the link and it took me to a page full of articles about "Poisson d'Avril" and I was like, what the hell is this? What does fish have to do with it? I went back and clicked a different link for the same story and it brought me right back. Then, spontaneously I remembered eating foil-wrapped chocolate fish for April Fool's Day in high school French class and it made sense. Nothing's more enlightening than being duped in another language.

(For the record, Google has a pretty decent one, too.)

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Jangofatt said...

Classic! (wipes away tear).