25 March 2007

Fun-filled Saturday!

Yesterday I had a really kick-ass Saturday. Firstly I went out to play paintball, seriously the first time in several years. My dad and Tannah go about every other week, and I told them I'd go once I found some kind of breastplate. My dad did, and now I owe him $25...but still, safety first! No more excuses, so I went.

I only got to play two games. The first one I was out in under a minute I think...it was pathetic. The second time I held out but the other team captured the flag first, so my team still lost. However, I hadn't taken my medication that morning, thinking that anticoagulants and paintball wouldn't mesh well. Add that to dehydration, and that equals sludgy, thick blood. So I kind of started hallucinating that I was at work, but not so bad that I didn't notice how "wrong" things were, so I sat out a game and drank a ton of water with a few aspirin. The headache and dizziness hit, and I had to bow out and go home. Disappointing but if I'm not thinking clearly I have no business wielding a paintball gun.

After a few more aspirin and a nap, Tannah and I went to see TMNT with Mada and his girl Merith, and Gordon and his son. Having been a fan of the original animated series as a kid, I loved the film, and rate it way higher than the live-action crap that came out years before. The voices were right, and the animation was smooth...good plot...all in all a great way to spend an hour and a half.

We went home, introduced Merith to Chef Ramsay via 'F' Word (I love the BBC), and after those two left, Tannah and I were itching for something to do. I've been restless for over a week, just wanting to get out, and so he finally took me up on it. We went to the Silverton to look at some pretty cool aquariums first. I miss our marine tank. We had a goofy clownfish and a boxfish, and the most kick-ass cowfish. The boxfish and cowfish are pretty similar (little cube-like bodies) and mouths like tiny donuts, but the cowfish had horns, and when Tannah opened the lid to feed it, it would spit water at him in recognition. As much as I loved my giant fist-sized snail, I really loved that cowfish too. And it died a horrible, pH-imbalanced death.


After the Silverton, Tannah took the back way to Red Rock, all the way down Blue Diamond Road. We marvelled at how much Vegas has changed in the 20 or so years we've lived here, noting how much had been barren desert even five years prior. It's amazing how this city constantly grows and changes; it's like an evolution. I like being a part of it.

Tannah had never been to Red Rock Casino, not through all the time I spent there last year while it was being built, or after. I showed him Cherry, the tiny, overpriced nightclub with urinals shaped like mouths, and the center bar that was completely ripped off from the Wynn (except the Wynn has escalating staircases, which makes it much more posh). He was adequately impressed, but I think that was only because it was so nice for a Station Casino.

I don't know...I mean we didn't do anything spectacular but it was great just to get out and do something new. I really enjoyed myself in that sense. Maybe next weekend we can go check out the Wetlands Park...

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