02 March 2007

My first union lay-off!

Funny story: our foreman, Mark, was giving Santi his final lay-off check...I mean we all knew the lay-offs were coming, the WRF is almost done and there aren't alot of jobs to transfer to. I saw that and realised I had Santi's holesaw from a few days ago so I ran to go get it. When I gave it to him, I noticed my safety glasses were scratched up and I asked Mark, "Hey, when you get a sec, can you get me another pair?" And Santi said "You'll prolly get a new pair Monday" and that's when Mark handed me my check.

I was just beginning (today!) to learn how to bend rigid conduit....damn it all to hell!

But it wasn't for cause, it was a reduction in force, and I am eligible for rehire so I was like "Yeah I'll sign the book and get out on Monday or so." Except there's a page and a half of apprentices before me...so it looks like I get a few days off. :) But I'm glad I didn't wait till Monday to sign: when I called the apprentice job hotline Friday night to see how many calls there were, there were none...and there was a message that all newly-indentured apprentices were to come for first sign-in Monday morning. If I'd had the misfortune to sign after them, I could have been out of work for quite a while.

With my luck I'll be sent to Titan...or worse, back to the Rock. Or with irony, I'll go back to the Palms but I seriously doubt that. I guess I'll see. I really don't like the waiting game, though.

In other news, I got so irritated by my constant feeling like shit that I spent the $50 and got an awesome carbon monoxide detector. I was having alot of symptoms that eased or disappeared altogether once I left the house. I spent half and hour screwing around with it, testing every room and the garage...nothing. Then it hit me: I feel a mild version of this when I'm at Tannah's parents' house. (I'm allergic to their dog, China.) So I took and allergy pill and it wasn't an hour before I felt pretty close to normal. I hate allergies. I hope I'm allergic to that ugly olive tree in the front yard so we have an excuse to have it turned into mulch.

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