26 March 2007


Saw my personal trainer Sunday morning. He really pushed me. You know that guy in the old videos that gets hit in the gut with a cannonball? I imagine I feel much like he did. I worked muscles I didn't even think I had. But I know it's for my own self-improvement. No one starts out at the gym feeling ducky. It's all pain and humiliation. That's okay; I give it a month, and it'll pass. And I'll have to step up my game, but hey, it won't be so bad once I'm used to it.

I made pico de gallo for the first time in almost a year. It's calming to hand-dice everything. Sure, it takes a few hours, but it's relaxing and the reward for it is yummy salsa. I mean how awesome is that? I will say that the onion I chose to dice was created in the depths of Hell; I chopped it in half with one swoop of the knife and it was agony. Hellacious. Ghastly. I was blinded, my nose was running, I was actually choking on the vapors. Tannah heard my cry of pain from the backyard as it tried to overtake me. Never had I encountered such an onion. If ever there was a vegetable set to take over the world, this was it. Luckily I vanquished it, and ate its delicious insides with tortilla chips.
All is well in the world.

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