04 March 2007

David Hasselhoff rocks.

[Note: I stole this post from the site Tannah runs with his brother and their friend; I'm using it here because, well, I was at the show, too. In fact, I'm Mrs. Jango. :) Read the original, much better version here.]

Well, a co-worker of mine was able to get my wife and me some comp tickets to see “Mel Brooks' Musical Comedy The Producers” at the Paris Casino yesterday. That’s the nice perk about knowing-someone-who-knows-someone who can get you (2x) $110 tickets to a Las Vegas show. For the 17 years that I have lived in Vegas, I’ve only had to pay for 1 show and that was The Magic of Lance Burton back at my high school prom. I was excited the score some freebie tickets because I was planning on taking Mrs. Jango to check out the musical this April. (Pocketed $220 dollars!)

I’ve never really been a fan of musicals or Mel Brooks' movies with the exception of “Space Balls”. All of his movies are too silly and Mel Brooks has a way of blowing any good movie with his horrible endings. So, even though the hype around “The Producers” is huge, I definitely had my reservations about it. I sure you’re wondering why I was even remotely interested in “The Producers”; well it’s quite easy. It’s only 5 little syllables: David Hasselhoff.

Yeah, you read it right, DAVID FUCKING HASSELHOFF!!! From my perspective, it’s a win/win situation. Free tickets + David Hasselhoff + good show = Win! (Or) Free tickets + David Hasselhoff + train wreck = Win! No matter how I did the math, I was going to have a great time because David Hasselhoff would be fun to watch on stage: good or bad. Who doesn’t want to see Michael Knight on stage, singing and dancing? Hell, David Hasselhoff is coolest thing to come out of Hollywood since movie cameras, drug use and hookers. I don’t mean just any normal-kind-of-cool, I’m talking about Germany’s prodigal saint with handsome good looks, open chest full of man hair, in a completely hetero, in his own league, Baywatch kind of cool. Damn, he’s ice cold…

So yesterday evening, Mrs. Jango and I went to Le Théâtre des Arts at the Paris, Las Vegas. It’s a small theater, but I still like it. We saw “We Will Rock You” at the same theater, a couple years earlier and that show was okay but it was too much of a cheesy Vegas production. “The Producers” on the other hand was far more…professional.

The dialogue was witty and the some of the visuals were downright hilarious. “The Producers” totally lives up to the hype. I laughed with David Hasselhoff’s hilarious entrance as Roger DeBris, the very flamboyant gay director, in a full evening gown. This had to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen on stage next to the synchronized, rotating swastika during the performance of “Spring Time for Hitler”. I really enjoyed the music and no one ruined my bliss with horrible singing or acting. For a brief moment, I didn’t feel like I was watching a Vegas performance, but watching a real Broadway musical. I have to take back most of the bad things I’ve said about Mel Brooks.

Now I want to plan a trip to New York and watch a real Broadway show.

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