01 March 2007

Fell to the wayside, a bit.

Yeah, no posts in quite awhile. That's okay. I've just been feeling like shit. Sore throat, fatigue, some minor nausea. Yeah, I took a pregnancy, test; that's not it. I've been taking thousands of milligrams of vitamin C and zinc, too. It feels like a mild flu, except that nothing works.
I did manage to go to Costa del Sol on Thursday, with the guys. Since I'd missed going last Thursday, I took Tannah there last Saturday, so I could try the linguine and clams, and it was pretty good but not nearly of the divine nature everyone made it out to be. So this time, I was out to try something different.

Except first, Santi bought me a drink: Grey Goose and cranberry. I didn't feel too bad, he buys everyone a drink. But I downed it and before I knew it, he'd ordered me another and had already paid for it. They aren't cheap. So feeling obligated, I sipped it as we walked (well, I staggered) to the Oyster Bar. I knew I was feeling happy...not quite huggy, but getting there. I could feel I was just a little obnoxious, and I hated that, I really don't like losing control, but it was already done. Neph got shrimp scampi over linguine, and even though I was sitting between Matt and Santi, what they ordered didn't sound like as much fun (bouillebaisse and house roast, respectively). I was happy with my choice; hell, I was giddy with it. And maybe it was the drinks but I think that was the best pasta I've ever had.

Then came my drunk moment. Matt and I joke around all the time at work, and when our bills came, we paid (as one does). I set my bill down and he set his on top of mine and I looked at him and said, "I'm on top, bitch!" Oh horror of horrors, but he burst out laughing, and so did everyone else...still, I'm never getting two drinks with my crew again. I know I'll hear about this for as long as I'm on the jobsite.

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