27 March 2007

Verace Pizza Napoletana.

No joke, the best pizza in Vegas. In Nevada. Best I've ever had, and it makes me willing to go to Italy on my next European trip just to compare. There are only 15 or so in America, as it is, and only one in Nevada; lucky for me, it's in Henderson with is like a 20 minute drive.

Settebello is pretty small and unassuming...one hardly notices it across from Valley Wine and Cheese. But Tannah and I are both into checking out new foods and new places, so we stopped in one weekend. Honestly, I'm simply unsatisfied with any other pizza I've had since. The thought of Domino's or Pizza Hut turns my stomach now, and Metro Pizza is the only thing that's now "acceptable". But we only go to Metro now because it's closer; the price is actually cheaper at Settebello. (That, and the Stockyard at Metro is awesome.)

Okay, there are so, so many things that make this place incredible. Firstly, it was certified by the Italian government as being authentic to the guidelines of Verace Pizza Napoletana, or true Napoli-style pizza. Guidelines are strict: all the ingredients must come from Italy, and if there is a case that a product simply can't be imported, the Italian government must approve that ingredient coming from somewhere else. Also, the oven must be brick, and must be shaped and maintained a certain way. (The oven is awesome, it takes about a minute to cook. A minute literally, like 49 seconds.)

There are salads and appetizers too, and Italian favourites like Aranciata (which doesn't hold a candle to Orangina) and espressos and such. But the pizzas themselves are the reason to visit. Each pizza is individual-sized, and all but the foccacia pizza is made with a thin crust. Some pizzas aren't cooked--as in, fresh toppings like cheese and tomatoes on warm bread--, some have no sauce, some have no cheese. But it's authentic, and it's so rare to find such a place. I'm kind of glad Settebello isn't right down the street or I'd be there every night.

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