18 March 2006

The Wranglers got their asses handed to them.

So it's been a few days. It's not so bad that I don't write in this thing every day anyway. Can't let myself get too obsessed. I do have an addictive personality, you know.

It turns out I'm not really on Javier's crew. He's the foreman for the temp power in the tower, phase 1. I'm doing temp power for the tower, phase 2. Different general foreman, different superintendent. So I'm working solo with Les, he's getting set up as a foreman as we speak. Javier and Les work together though, since the phase 1 is powering down and it's crunch time, with the property opening in just a month. After it opens, I'm not sure if Javier will even stay on the jobsite. It's hard to tell for certain in construction, there's always so many transfers and lay-offs near the end. But anyway, I like what I'm doing alot. I'm actually doing something and I'm getting a lot of exercise climbing up dozzens of ladders, since the manlift only goes up to the fifth floor now. Plus, I'm learning about power distribution and load capacities, more on transformers and grounding. So I'm happy.

What I'm not happy about is the fact that the Wranglers got crushed by the Alaska Aces. The Aces fanclub is so damn obnoxious, with their annoying cowbells. I hate when our guys play the Aces. It was an awful defeat, too: 5-1. I couldn't believe it. But I did buy a jersey, their alternative one. They're still in the play-offs after all.

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