02 March 2006


Today was...interesting.

I've been tailoring MySpace off and on now for a long time. A few hours at least. But I'm learning alot about HTML coding in the process. I think my new fave is the anchor tag....it's a new one for me. Am I lame, or what?

Might get rotated...not to a different contractor, but within Bombard. Which is fine, but I really like the superintendent I'm with now. Chances are, if I get rotated, I'll go to someone else. But I'll be out on the field, and with Red Rock powering down, there's not alot left as far as options go. But Cherry is still far from finished, so I'll prolly go there this weekend...I hate working time, I really do, but it's good experience and working 20 hours on the weekend doubles my paycheck. I want to go to Asia this September, so I have to save up. I really hope the apprenticeship committee lets me go.

This music deal on the MySpace is really starting to piss me off. It's by System of a Down, love the song, absolutely love it, but it's glitchy. It's turns itself on and off by whim. It did the same thing with Je Saigne Encore. I can't tell if it's just us, or what.

Tired. I have a lot of emails to catch up on. And homework!! I can't believe the textbook we have for transformers, it's ridiculous. It's dry and long-winded, I can't concentrate at all. You know, I can't believe I have 2 more years of this shit left.

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