19 March 2006

Things that piss me off enough to commit a crime

1. Children of the Underground...not the homeless kids in Romania, but the advocacy group that helps parents kidnap their kids from custodial parents. It's sick. I think these people should be gutted. (Not the kids...just the people involved with these kidnappings that feminists seem to be okay with.) How does this organization exist? Why is there no outcry? An FBI agent I won't name gave statistics that over 4 million children are missing in this country at any given time, and only half are ever found...the rest, not even a body. The FBI doesn't know actual numbers, for some reason, and he gave his theories that I won't list here. How many of those missing are due to this movement?
2. The so called "False-Memory Syndrome Foundation". Sure, no one will remember anything verbatim (for want of a better term), but it's been proven time and time again that when something traumatic happens, the chemicals from the terror and despair can actually cause scar tissue over the part of the brain that holds memory; thus, the amnesia. I think it exists for the sole purpose of protecting rich, educated child abusers. Granted: the memory can be manipulated. Highly skilled hypnotists can implant false memories. But I don't for a minute believe that it's as rampant as this foundation states. I think instead that society doesn't want to deal with such daunting statistics.
3. The American Psychiatric Association and the fact that according to reports and news articles, professors and psychiatrists have banded together (a foundation called "Ipce") and are saying now that pedophilia can be nurturing and that shielding children from sex is a "right-wing" idea and actually harmful for a developing child. I didn't believe it either. There are two books in print now that I found on the subject, you can look them up on Amazon: "Harmful to Minors: the Perils of Protecting Children from Sex", by Judith Levine and Jocelyn Elders; and "Understanding Loved Boys and Boy Lovers," by David L. Riegel. I'm sure there are more, with Ipce actually existing globally.


Rick Bias said...

If someone had ever tried that with my kids, they would have learned a whole lot about castration. Even if you're a godless, humanistic souless animal like a psychologist who believes this crap, can't they readily see that the human body is designed to accomidate the opposite sex? And if it's suppossed to be so good for the child, then why is it the child wants to resist, feels powerless to do so, and then feels guilty afterward? The only person in this scenario that gets any satisfaction is the perverted perpertrator, and he (or she) needs to be burned at the stake as a witch!

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