10 March 2006

Logan's back!

I missed him so much. He has a habit of just...disappearing for weeks. And there's never any warning, like a normal person; plus, he never has an explanation for where he was or what he was doing. But that's typically Logan. Anyone who knows him, knows that. Even if you don't know anything else about him, you know that. It's almost a joke between us, actually.

I've been increasingly worried about him for the past year or so. Especially these past few months, he's openly said he's actively suicidal. It doesn't seem like one of those cry-for-help things, either. Just very stoic and matter-of-fact-like, very much Logan. See, the thing is...I can't get into alot of it, for his safety and for my privacy. But anyway..I've known Logan forever, seriously. He's always been so good to me, but he's got his asshole-moments. Which I guess is an integral part of any relationship. I'm very close to him, at least I'd like to think I am. I know there's alot of things he doesn't tell me. He keeps alot to himself. And you know, I don't care, he doesn't have to tell me but he needs an outlet, someone to talk to. He's got friends, of course, we know alot of the same people. But he doesn't really open up. He's got this false sense of what a man should be, of what a soldier should be: invincible, fearless, honourable and completely detached. It's not healthy for him. It's not healthy for anyone, and Logan keeps so much inside and he's going to really destroy himself one of these days. He's already about as self-destructive as they come, and the only thing he "allows" himself to feel is rage and hatred. Usually directed at himself. Something's got to give, sooner or later.

So anyway, Logan's back, I'm glad he's back. Maybe he took some time for himself and thought things through...I doubt it, but I can always hope.

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