06 March 2006

On peut tout refaire!

Called into work, my back was absolutely killing me. I couldn't sit up to get out of bed. Now, my back has been acting up since I had Gabriel. Everyone says it's painful but it gets better, and this has actually gotten worse. I can't bend over to tie my shoes, I can't sit for very long at all...I can stand and walk fine, it's weird. So anyway, I went to the doctor. Since I just got my insurance card, I went to urgent care. I despise those places, but I was desperate.

Well, after hearing the symptoms and doing a pelvic exam...another favourite of mine (they didn't use any lube! There's always time for lube!!)...they told me they think I have a post-natal infection, due to possible residual "tissue or clotting" or something. And well, that sucks. So I have to see an OB-GYN to get completely checked out. Not fun.

I went to class tonight (no surprise there) and this XFMRs thing...no wonder it was confusing. Let me explain how our textbooks work: We get a series of books and textbooks that we use throughout the apprenticeship. All the chapters are colour-coded, like third-year is this ugly yellow-orange colour, blue is for second-year, etc., so when you have homework you know which is for your year. It's stupid, I know. But anyway I spent literally hours trying to do this homework in our XFMRs book, and the textbook wasn't matching up to the workbook. It made no sense. I even called James and asked "What the hell?" but his phone was off so that was no help. I came into class and I told him, "You know, I don't have shit done, if you want to send me home that's fine but first explain where I'm supposed to find these answers." And he asked to see what I was working on, and that, and it came out that I was accidentally doing second-year homework, and using my third-year text to try to answer it. So I feel alot better, I wasn't so stupid that I couldn't find it...I was just stupid enough to not notice the colour-coded pages.

We wound up going over code (NEC) practices in class, and XFMR windings with dual voltages and all. It confused the holy you-know out of me and I had to stay after class for help. Once I understood the fundamentals of the delta and wye connections, and how to put them in series versus parallel, it was cake. I still am a little confused about some of it, but I think I'll do okay on my exam Wednesday. I just wish we were doing XFMRs out on the field so I could get some hands-on, you know? It's always easier to understand a concept when you can apply it.

So, on peut tout refaire...I guess I was referring to my entire day. It's not that it regally sucked, just...it's definitely a candidate for a do-over.

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