15 March 2006

Lots o' stuff...quicktime

I'm tired, so there's not a lot of time. So I'll give a rundown:

Got my transfer slip today. I'm being transferred (semi-permenantly) to Red Rock, Tower Phase-Two, on the temp power crew. Javier's crew...he's a 4th year instructor, and I met him once, he seems nice enough. We'll see. My toolie's going to be (for now anyway) Les, who's a 2nd year instructor. I should learn alot. And I was on a temp power crew in Area 3-A at the Wynn for a few months, that was a blast. Hope it's like that for Red Rock too.

Started our hoisting and rigging class. It's for 3 nights and a Saturday. We got to watch movies about cranes falling over and destroying things and killing people. James said it was going to be "exciting" but at no point does hoisting or rigging fall into that category. So we have some more movies to watch, and homework, and after some practical experience we'll take a test. Yay for more certification cards...my wallet's full of them.

What else? Oh...two people I know are hurting, badly. Lots of "stuff" going on. "Stuff". I can give advice but Logan told me I wasn't qualified to give advice on their troubles, since I haven't "been there". Maybe not exactly but I can empathize. Just like how they empathize with me. Logan's such an...over-reactor? Yeah. I'm specifically going to use that word because not only does it fit, but it sounds grammatically incorrect so it's going to irk him.

Oh yeah...and today was the Ides of March.

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"Et tu, Brute'?"