07 March 2006

Sick and disturbing.

Taken from Yahoo! News:

"Mexican law often works against [rape] victims. Many states codify incest as consensual sex, even with girls as young as 12, so a victim can be denied an abortion and face incest charges if she is raped by her father, brother or other relative.
One teenager was repeatedly raped by her father and became pregnant, but prosecutors convinced her to charge him with incest instead of rape to reduce his sentence, precluding her from having an abortion, the report said.
'I am certain that the child I am expecting is my father's because I never had (sex) with anyone else," the girl said in court documents. "I don't want to have the child that I am expecting, because I will not be able to love it.'
She now lives at home, with her father and the child she bore."

It makes me nauseous. And what's worse, is there's going to be some asshole who says, "Well, she's still living with her dad, so apparently it wasn't all that unwanted."

It just brings to mind another story I heard, not too long ago, from Italy. A man raped his girlfriend's 14-year old daughter and the detectives are saying it was at least somewhat consensual, because since she had previous sexual partners, it could not have been traumatic. The argument went on to say, "it's not like it was her real father"...as if the fact he was a father figure didn't make it traumatic...or maybe that the fact she was raped wasn't traumatic, either...

A major problem with this is, the news article made it sound like this kind of thing only happens in other countries, that America isn't at all like that. How many people are freaking out over the California "Incest-Exception" law? Sure they're trying to overturn it...over 20 years later. And what's really fucked up, is there are actually people opposing the bill to overturn it...saying that parents and siblings that abuse the children in their familes aren't really pedophiles, they just can't control their heinous behaviour when stressed. So that apparently makes it okay.

California isn't the only state. It was only in 2002 that North Carolina reversed its "incest-Exception" law. In fact, more than 20 states have laws classifying incest as a "Class C" or lower crime. For instance, in New York, incest is a Class E felony; in Missouri, it's a Class D felony. And the list goes on. There was an article in Parade in which Andrew Vachss (known child advocate) mentioned something that really makes one think: "And we [as a nation] provide a special immunity to sex offenders who grow their own victims..." I mean that just makes me want to beat the shit out of something.

I don't know...I have alot more to say about this but I think I'm going to stab my own eye out instead.


Jillian said...

I too have been reading alot of this in the news. It is so disturbing that in our modern society we are right back to square one, blame the victim. Worse yet, these are often children who deserve and desperately need protection. Shame shame on these lawmakers.

Rick Bias said...

And to think; this is the caliber of people that come across our borders that the ACLU want us to protect and provide water for in the desert!