05 March 2006

Euro-Ford SportKA: the KA's evil-twin

So I saw the videos for the Ford SportKA, the "evil twin" of the KA. I feel bad for laughing, but I almost gave myself a seizure. I'm sure even if it wasn't a car not being released here, the commercials just wouldn't fly, at all. PETA would go ballistic. And it's not that I don't like cats...I met a cat named Tin-Tin that I actually wasn't allergic to, it was nice. I think it was, you know, the way it was filmed or something. And the shock value. No, really, I'm not still laughing.

Yeah, okay, I'll post them:

KA Cat
KA Bird
Disclaimer of no animal cruelty...

And you know, just to clarify, I really do find this disturbing. I'm not like, a creepy sadist. It's that it's so completely shocking to me that I can't help but to be amazed by it, and knowing it's computer-generated helps alleviating the guilt associated.

1 comment:

Rick Bias said...

Tooo Toooo funny! But I can see why PETA would be upset. "Poor Garfield; I knew him well!"