10 July 2006


I got a transfer at about 10h00 today. I'm going to be nice and say that things just "didn't work out" between me and my foreman. There was a conflict, let's say, and I told the general foreman I was tired of the harassment. Less than two hours later, I was working for Julian, roping rooms.

Julian turned out just a year ago, but he really seems to be on the ball. He doesn't scream or berate, and he's fair, it seems, as far as my appointments go. He told me flat-out that if me missing time becomes too big of an issue, he'll just lay me off, and a layoff isn't bad. He said if it comes to that, I'll just go to a jobsite with an earlier shift and it'll work out fine for everyone. I agree. But I'd like to stick around; I've never run circuits or anything in a room before, and I've never been in a tower before, and it's something I really need to learn.

Everyone's still asking, "Pourquoi, Zidane?" And he's still not talking. What Materazzi said must have been really brutal.

It's been awhile since I wrote in French, or Spanish. I need to get on that. But for now, it's time to sleep, I think. I've been avoiding things, alot, and it's making me a little unfocused and exhausted.

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