07 July 2006

Britain remembers: so do we.

A year ago, and terrorists attacks on the Tube. I remember seeing the footage at Russell Square Station, recognizing it, realizing that just a month earlier we were there. It shocked me, a little. And saddened me. What upsets me is I hear some cold-hearted individuals saying "London only lost like 50 people." Is 50 not enough? I remember the Rodney King riots when I was in 8th grade; they lasted a few days in Los Angeles and about fifty people died. That was tragic, was it not? (Though, by comparison, the riots here in Vegas during that time lasted three weeks, and only barricades and the National Guard kept them from spilling out from the West-side onto the Strip and Downtown.)

It shouldn't be about how many died, or who was hurt worse by a terrorist attack. It's the fact that people were hurt, people died.

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