11 July 2006

News today:

Random happenings...

~My sexy handgun! A Sig Sauer P-229. Oh, it's so sweet. I can't technically own it yet, so it's going to be Tannah's for 3-1/2 more years. But still...I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.
~A local mother rented out a room to a guy whose surname she didn't even know, only to walk in on him raping her 8 year-old daughter. Aside from it being devastating in the most obvious sense, it was so completely avoidable.
~Rotation's up at the J.A.T.C., and no word if I'm included. I decided I might just turn out with Bombard.
~Terrorism in Bombay. What sparked it? Who carried it out? Just altogether sad.
~I have a "pretty moderate" heart murmur and the cardiologist wants to rule out a mitral valve prolapse. And my new hematologist, Dr. Edwin Kingsley (who ROCKS...I mean literally, he's got side-gigs in a band) is positive he found the root of my clotting issues. I'm like a classic textbook case. So after 17 vials of blood, we'll know in about 2 weeks.
~Found a really good copy of Scotland the Brave on the bagpipes. Very cool. Which got me thinking...when we were in Scotland last summer I found out that St. Andrews Day is 30 November. If I can find decent recipes that don't involve haggis, I think that may well be another international tradition I start...but for me, definitely without the cèilidh. I'll just have to work it around Mada's birthday.
~I still want to give Fabien Barthez a hug.

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