26 July 2006


At work, on the 17th floor this morning...oh, it would have been funny if no one had gotten hurt.

Two carpenters. Carpenter 1 unplugged Carpenter 2. Carpenter 2 got pissed off and hit Carpenter 1 in the face with his drill. So Carpenter 1, in retaliation, took his hatchet and hit Carpenter 2 in the head with it. Sliced his hard-hat right open. Carpenter 1 then ran (still bleeding himself). So after the investigation, the witness statements, and the emergency first aid care, no one's pressing charges. I wonder if they'll have jobs tomorrow. I wonder if they'll pass the drug test. I guess I shouldn't worry too much about it. It's just sad that people get so worked up over spider boxes and cords. Granted, I get frustrated, there's never enough power, but I've never hit anyone over it. I guess that's the difference between having lots of testosterone and lots of estrogen.

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