20 July 2006

I failed his test.

This is so ridiculous I couldn't help but to laugh.

Early in the morning, before inspection, Julian had be check all the floor boxes, to make sure wire was pulled, only on the east side. (John's crew does the west side.) So I worked south to north, opening the boxes, checking for wire, and closing them back up. At the very end is a room that isn't completely framed, and there was a floor box, but with nothing in it. I told Julian via radio, and he told me he wanted me to take care of it: mount any boxes, pull any wire, make it happen. Kep in mind, I told him where it was.

So for the next two hours, I'm gathering material, only to find that there are no elevations for where the box should be. I looked on the west side, and their floor box is empty too. I saw John, and asked him about it; he told me that it was a B-suite, and our crew handles both east and west B-suites. I called Julian to let him know that I needed prints for a B-suite and also that there were no elevations, so I needed those, too. He asked me where this was, and I told him: "North side, all the way down." He asked, "By the manlift?" I said, "No, the exact opposite end." He said, "Those are C-suites, use your prints for the King rooms, the lay-out is the same." I asked him about elevations. He told me, in an exasperated tone, "They're on the floor. Like they always have been."

So then, I spend the next two hours using clear spray paint to try to find elevations. (It makes marks visible on the concrete.) I checked for elevations on the west side's suite, too. Nothing. I went to the floor below, to see how it had been done, and it was a completely different layout. I even asked two journeymen, and both of them didn't know what to tell me.

Right before lunch, Julian called and asked if I was done yet. I told him no, I hadn't even started, I really couldn't find the elevations or anything. He came up and I showed him the room. He said, "This is a B-suite. We don't do these. Don't you remember me telling you that?"

What the fuck.

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