16 July 2006

La Fête de la Bastille

Sure, a few days late, but...it went alot better than I had hoped.

I didn't get to do the shopping for it until this morning, really. I made a taboulé, which was okay. Not many people touched it because no one knew what it was, or what semoule was, or couscous either. But that's okay. I know how to make it now. I made also soupe à l'oignon gratinée, which most everyone seemed to like except the kids but really, kids don't usually go for onions anyway. Some wanted the soup with a crouton and others not, it was pretty easy-going as far as that went. There was plenty of baguettes, and cheese too: brie, camembert, roquefort, comté and chèvre. I wanted to get gruyère and emmental, as well, but they were both about $20 a pound, so I settled for a pâté made with pork and cognac instead. And the salad that Aunt Debbie taught me...everyone loves it! Every time I make it someone wants the recipe. Then my family brought an extra baguette, a fruit bowl, and Madeleines (which are little tea-cakes). And of course...Orangina!

We watched Kyo, in concert on DVD, which was awesome because there was an excuse to watch it, and it's good music, too. My mom brought up a Jeunet & Caro film, La Cité des Enfants Perdus (in English: The City of Lost Children), so I grabbed that and we watched it. I was surprised that anyone took an interest really, I was just going to show a preview to give an idea. If I knew we were going to watch an entire French film, I would have chosen Amélie, since it's a lot less dark and by far a better film. And my dad, I think would have liked it.

So in the meantime, while watching all kinds of fun things, we finished with a merlot by Thierry & Guy called Fat Bastard (nice!) and crêpes sucrées...just basic, with an assortment of fresh berries and cream. I had alot of fun. I think most everyone did.

My dad though...I really didn't think this through, I don't think. He doesn't much care for French cheese. He doesn't like movies with subtitles, because you're too busy reading you can't catch the subtleties in the acting, which takes away from the feel of it. And I just don't think he enjoyed himself. He thanked me for having him as he left but I think now St. Andrews Day is really just going to have to rock.

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