21 July 2006

Gravy job.

Change can be nice. Today Paul and I pulled string. That's it. He ran the fishtape through all the flex in the media centers of each room, and I caught it, tied on poly-string, he pulled it back, and we both tied off. Including jumpers, we did around ten pulls a room, 28 rooms a floor. It took us a full day to do the west side but still. It was easy, the day went by fast, and Paul and I knew each other from first year class so we actually talked. (Nothing's worse than when your toolie has nothing to say.)

Also, yay for electricians, we're about caught up, and doubletime Saturdays will be on a rotation basis only. That's so awesome. My checks will be about $200 short, more or less, but I really enjoy having the time. I'm lucky to not need that money.

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