06 July 2006

My foreman lied about my time.

The assistant director of the apprenticeship came out to see me today. Apparently my foreman had called him and told him I was missing too much work, including leaving early on Friday and having a "suspect flu" on Saturday. First of all, everyone went home early Friday, we topped off. Secondly, it wasn't suspect, I was puking my guts out all day. That's not something I can fake, or would even want to.

So then my foreman pulls out this sheet of all the times I called in to work. An hour here, a few hours there, so that for the month of June, I supposedly missed just over 44 hours. What my foreman didn't mention is that days he had me as calling in included two Saturdays I wasn't even asked to work, and a Saturday I missed for an approved apprenticeship class. The rest of my hours were from other approved apprenticeshiop classes and time off for doctor visits. I have documentation for every appointment I made, and the J.A.T.C. has documentaion for my classes...but since I wasn't being written up, just warned, no one seemed to care. The steward wasn't even there. Basically, my foreman exaggerated my time missed to get me in trouble, and I think it's retaliation for not working hot circuits by myself, and for giving him shit about it.

And you know, working the shift I'm working, it's simply impossible to make doctor appointments any other time. And I'm skipping most of them. I'm not seeing one about my problems with my bladder or kidneys, and even though it's been suggested numerous times to see a shrink over Gabriel, I haven't. It was reiterated that what I've got is a training assignment, not a job, and there's no such thing as an excused absence, ever, even with a note. I came real close to doing something really stupid.

The great thing is, though, Les is getting a reputaion as a shitty foreman. Other apprentices know it, journeymen, even other foremen...on this jobsite, and at others. It'll come back to bite him, I know it. I just hope it doesn't take an injury due to carelessness for that to happen.

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