08 July 2006

Lies in the name of morale?

So why is it, when the American media mentions that former private Steven D. Green is accused of raping Abeer Qassim Hamza and killing her, her parents, and her 7 year old sister, do they skirt around her age? She was fourteen, possibly fifteen years old, and they refer to her only as "a young woman". The FBI says that their official investigation finds that she was 25 years old. However, her surviving extended family, those in her town that knew her, the doctor who examined her and was not allowed to perform an autopsy by American investigators, and even other news media worldwide seem to tell the whole story. I also heard about Pvt. Green's anti-social personality disorder, and the fact that he was discharged for being a "danger to Iraqi civilians" weeks before the American media reported it.

I understand that in a time of war we need to maintain morale, but I hate the deception. It just makes me distrust those in charge. I wonder if Britain, still suffering a year yesterday after the terrorist attacks on the Tube, has such media issues regarding their soldiers stationed in the Middle East? Or is it just that the PATRIOT Act takes away more of our freedoms than we realize?

To quote Benjamin Franklin:
"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security." Sure, wiretap us, we'll be safer.

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