15 July 2006


Watching my sister Kelsrin today, who's six. She's always fun and energetic. She's old enough that we can watch decent movies and young enough that she can still strike us with awe at how much a six-year old is capable of. I think she might be getting a little old for Molly though...which is sad. I mean, more sad than I'll prolly ever admit. But completely off-topic, Logan finally started moving his blog to a real blogging site! So aside from him now being unable to lock me out of entries (hehe) it'll be more functional. I think he's going to like it alot better. And yes, he can thank me for the idea...he's using Blogspot.

There is a Bastille Day party going on right now, and because of my uncooperative work schedule I couldn't go. I mean, it started an hour and a half ago. I still have to go grocery shopping for mine (tomorrow) and prep all the food, and get the house looking good and all. Plus, it's going to take some extra time as it is, because I hurt my hand at work and it makes things a little awkward.

(So you're wondering why I'm sitting here writing this if I have so much to do...I don't know, either.)

Mada m'a demandé qu'au sujet des Autres... il n'est pas certain il comprend comment ils vivent. Mada dit que j'ai la commande totale, mais ce n'est pas vrai. Je ne peux pas l'expliquer. J'ai essayée de rechercher les différences entre les Autres et la schizophrénie, et j'ai également essayée de rechercher comment ils utilisent la Porte, par Asche. Mais sachant il se produit et essayant de l'expliquer, c'est trop différent. Il me frustre, parce que personne ne comprend. Je déteste me cacher. Je déteste la déception. Peut-être il est plus facile pour eux, peut-être ils ne veulent pas comprendre.

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