02 April 2008


Being overwhelmed with everything seems to be a major theme in my life lately.

We had our class photo today, which was cool in a sense...some people thought it was lame and that's okay. I don't hate the haters. We took a test and Kenny said he'd actually check homework Wednesday. I haven't done any of the Code homework at all this year. It's too time-consuming. Now I have to somehow get it all done in a week...and yes, I could be doing it now, but I'm not.

In fact the only upshot is that I got a free Corona before class. No lime, but that's okay, it was free after all. I mean I got my normal post-test Guinness but...y'know. Variety and all.

We meet at the Springs Preserve tomorrow to find out our volunteer positions for the Solar Home Tour. Since we're taking PV2 it's incorporated into our class schedule. It's great, to volunteer and be a part of it, but at the same time it's this coming Saturday, which is my 12-year with Tannah, and the Solar Home Tour is required for class so I'll be gone all day. He understands, which is awesome, and we've tentatively planned to go to a wine bar Sunday to celebrate but still, timing sucks. (Still better than last year: the morning of our 11-year I had the stroke. Haha what a killjoy!)

So work + extra classes + study group + homework + necessary sleep = no time for me to be of decent use to anyone. My family never sees me, my husband sees me like twice a week...I mean we communicate by email and MySpace, how lame is that? I have a party to go to on the 12th, and it's important, it's a wedding party, but I have class that day so I'll be late plus I'm not sure I can even stay long. The majority of my friends wonder if I'm even alive, I'm sure.

I'm sincerely hoping it gets better in June. I'm aiming for it, it's a bright spot to focus on.

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