22 April 2008


No beer...I know, I have to really get to studying. Semester exam tomorrow. County exam Saturday. PV install Sunday. Busy busy busy. My mind is all floaty, so here are some random thoughts:

When I go to a restaurant and see the lobsters I secretly want to pet one. I'm doing prints tomorrow, yay for being "the pet", as Flynn says. I'm addicted to wooden ducks. I'm typing this nude and I'm still too warm to be comfortable. My favourite code section is 230.70(A)(2): "Service disconnecting means shall not be located in bathrooms." I have no idea why, it just makes me giggle. I miss how we used to watch hockey games but I'm never in the mood to go...that, or I'm way too busy. I wish I could find a way to live and work in Europe...PV in Germany would be awesomesauce. Prudish women and ultra-conservatives annoy the piss out of me. Despite common rumour, I really have no idea if the entrance to The Green Door is, in fact, green. I hate trim work because even though it's a cake job, it puts a lot of stress on my hips. The song "Les Jours Tristes" makes me homesick for France. My memory is foggy at best for anything occuring before 1993. People often think I say too much, but I spout a lot of bullshit so I'm not asked about the real issues.

I'm restless.

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Eric said...

I'm guessing PV equals photovoltaic? Heh, I hope you weren't typing nude in a leather chair. Dwight told me at The Green Door you leave your clothes at the door. Is that true?