26 April 2008

I passed!

Many thanks to those who helped me with reviews (Drew, Ben, Pam, TJ, Kenny), with getting a suitable code book (Gwynne), with procuring a copy of the Southern Nevada Electrical Code (Snow), and with studying (Jay, Troy, Flynn, Sanj & Ryan). You guys rock. :)

For those yet to take the exam, for the love of God study your ampacity tables, box fill tables, and really understand how to work with deviations in ambient temperature. There are some calculation questions on motors, lighting load, feeders and voltage drop also...but the majority of the exam is straight code questions so if you know the NEC it'll be alot easier. I highlighted my code book and made flashcards and it was good.

So I'm really happy, and even though it's kind of a bummer that Clark County sees me as a JW when I have very little practical knowledge (nice way of putting it, haha), but I am working on that. In fact I'll be working on the practical knowledge for NEC Article 690, Photovoltaics, starting tomorrow morning at 06h00. I'm stoked! We were joking in class about doing the install naked so we can get awesome all-over tans but Snow was quick to shoot that down. Too bad.

I should sleep...

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