30 March 2008

Blissful Sunday.

Today at church (which Drew thinks is really a bar) we had a guest speaker give a presentation on humanism. Paraphrasing Kurt Vonnegut Jr. it was explained as "behaving decently with no expectation of reward or punishment after death". It's more complex than that of course, but the entire idea is pretty simple: about being rational, being freethinkers, knowing that we are brothers and sisters who share a home, which is this earth...to again paraphrase. I know some humanists aren't against the idea of any Creator or Divine Spirit, and I think the idea is really interesting. I brought some literature home for a friend, and I'd like to hear his views on it.

After grocery shopping and a quick nap, I went back for a wine tasting. We had five Italian wines (including an incredible Zonin Brut Prosecco and Firriato Chiaramonte Nero D'avola...oh my God it was blissful) with some yummies to go with it. Not only bruschetta, which I kinda expected, but this amazing appetizer, prosciutto-wrapped melon. I loved it so much I'm going to make some this-coming weekend I think, if I have time after class. It was so nice though, not only the wine and such but talking about many various things, being so relaxed...it's good to be just me sometimes.

And now, it's time for Things That Scare the Fuck Out of Me:

~The King. Not Elvis, but that creepy life-size puppet guy for Burger King. I think if I saw him in public I'd scream.
~Zombies. Yeah, I know they don't really exist...OR DO THEY??
~That shopping cart that chased me that one time in Northtown.
~Little towns and villages. It's like...there's no way those places are that wholesome. I've read Stephen King.
~Fundamentalists of any religion, any denomination. Extremism doesn't win anyone over, it's just scary.
That's enough. I'm not going to let all my little secrets out.

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Ayla said...

Yay church! We went to church too on Sunday. Our guest speaker was an opera singer who gave a presentation on peace and sang some lovely songs.

Zombies are totally real man, or at least they will be after all the scientest accidently release some crazy virus. That's why I watch Resdient Evil - I'm studying how to survive.