13 April 2008


Hours of homework to do, I don't even know where to start. There are 8-1/2 chapters left, all due Wednesday, encompassing load calculations, box and conduit fill, conductor ampacity...I know it's important but I really just don't have the time--or motivation--to even deal with it right now. I don't even know why I'm typing on here, I can't will the homework to do itself.

On top of that, I have an exam Wednesday, a possible field trip Saturday (yeah, I know: on top of study group), I have to go over that PV installer's guide for Sharp, I still have prints to take care of Monday so I can get back out on the field to run that 6" rigid, two journeyman exams yet, not to mention the semester final and 5th year final...oh God then the CIR and NABCEP over the summer...

And yes: I know I'm bitching, I know there's always drama and bullshit and I know that lately, I haven't had anything nice to say, and I know that everyone feels ignored and neglected and whatever...really, I try not to be so whiny all the time. I guess Tannah's right: I can't deal with stress, because I've never actually dealt with anything before. Well now isn't the time to start! Haha!

So here are some possies, because I really need them:
~I've worked out the details for my next tattoo; I just need it designed.
~I'm comfortable now in my beliefs.
~I get to be a part of a photovoltaic install in about 2 weeks.
~Solar 2008 in San Diego!
~There's only a month left of school.
~I got a seriously übercute dress...no, seriously.
~I have a massive pay-raise coming...one in mid-May, one in June.
~I am loved.
~I can start going to SolarNV meetings again in May.
~I think I might start taking linguistic classes again.

I guess another one might be that I remember a time when I couldn't come up with ten possies. Yay me. :)

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Ayla said...

horray for 10 posies!