16 April 2008


I can't help it. It's disgusting so I apologise in advance if it freaks anyone out, but there I was in the bathroom projectile-vomiting up everything I'd eaten so far today and there was the dog next to me, getting excited about anything that didn't make it into the toilet. It was really difficult to laugh right then.

In other news, I'm debating taking the new meds my doc prescribed. Side effects may not be worth it.

In other-other news, things aren't getting better, and I'm hoping (almost against logic) that things will improve once the summer comes. But I feel bad that my blog has been so negative lately so...um...for Amme:

"Aburuhamu niwa shichi-nin no ko,
Hittori wa noppo de ato wa chibi,
Minna naka yoku kurashiteru,
Saa, odorimashou!
Migi te, hidari te,
Migi ashi, hidari ashi,
Atama, oshiri, muwatte, oshimai!"

1 comment:

Ayla said...

ha ha the pepper eats vomit!

I'm so sorry things have been yucky for you lately, it seems that way all over - maybe an energy shift. Email me and let me know how your sis is doin'.

Warmest of wishes