19 April 2008

O happy day!

First I went to study code for my JW exam next Saturday. And Ryan (my study-buddy) is a whore-mongering ditcher! He ditched the last three study sessions: once for a hangover, once because he was getting laid (an acceptable excuse) and today because he was working. You suck Ryan!

I did hear a great story about the sexiest camel-toe ever. Hehe.

So after 6 hours of me steadily hating the NEC more and more, I was nearly conned into going on a solar field trip tomorrow. And I should go, I love solar, and I skipped the Earth Day fair today where I should have been with Solar NV. (I guess if I can ditch Earth Day, Ryan can skip code study. Doesn't make him less of a fuckstick though.) But I really really want to go to the Highland Festival tomorrow and look at hot men in kilts (kilts are almost as sexy as solar) plus there's a whiskey-tasting seminar there...mmm whiskey.

And I made a friend drive way out of his way to get this natural allergy stuff they used to sell at Sunflower, except now they don't, and I kinda felt bad since I got my taboulé and coconut milk, and he didn't get his allergy blend. I mean a man can only gulp so much Benadryl.

And lastly, my day was made infinitely better with photos of others getting stuck and unstuck in a canyon. And a video! I think that might make it to YouTube...


Eric said...

JW exam ... a common expansion for the acronym JW is Jehovah's Witness, but I know it has something to do with electricians because you told me before in an e-mail.

My uncle is hosting a first annual solar convention in Las Vegas. It's just called Solar Convention and the website is http://www.solarlas.com

NEC ... I'm guessing that's National Electricians Something? The video of the truck getting stuck in a canyon was so-so. I found some videos I like on YouTube made by a girl nicknamed Happy Slip. Her website is http://www.happyslip.com

Flashtrigger said...

Wow...sometimes I forget that not everyone knows the same acronyms.
JW: Journeyman Wireman, or what an electrical apprentice graduates to after training and testing.
NEC: National Electrical Code. All the rules for installation and formulas for allowable ampacities and such are referenced there.
Yes! in my PV (photovoltaics) class we looked up the website for your uncle's convention. I see the sign everytime I go to the Boulevard Mall. It'll be interesting to see what's involved.

Eric said...

I like t.A.T.u also. I like their song "All the Things She Said" and "Robot." In your profile you wrote under Favorite Books: "Anthem by Ayn Rand (obvious link to 2112)." What's 2112?